Tri-City Quilters Guild
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Special Projects

Covid-19 Requests

Energy Northwest needs 1,000 face masks for their workers who are operating the power plant.  "Many of these are men and women who do not have time or access to make their own masks."  There are no specific requirements except that they meet the basic CDC recommended guidance for public protection.  Contact Diane Cramer at (310) 480-0313 who is coordinating this effort with Energy Northwest.

Carmen Anders, our raffle quilt winner, is looking for volunteers to sew masks for a company in Sunnyside.  The company supplies the fabric and paracord, Carmen supplies the thread.  If you are interested in helping, contact Carmen at (360) 265-3532.  The company is paying $2.50 per mask.

Kennewick Police Department (115 men, 25 women) and Kennewick Fire Department (90 men, 10 women) have asked for two masks per person in a dark blue fabric.  Lisa McGee, 396-1594, has contact information.

Prosser Memorial Hospital is seeking volunteers to sew 100 Intensive Care Gowns.  They are preparing the kits and need people to sew them.  They have 40 kits ready at this time.  Each kit has material, bias tape for ties, cuffs, and instructions.  Text April Pack at (253) 307-1637 with your name and info if are interested in helping.

United Way of Benton and Franlin Counties are looking for volunteers to make fact masks for non-profits who provide critical services.  These non-profits have been 'on hold' but will need masks when the stay-at-home period is lifted.  Contact Shanna Alzheimer at or 581-3948 for more information.

Paisleys & Plaids Challenge

The Community Service team's February 2020 program challenged members to use up paisley and plaid fabrics from The Closet to create comfort quilts for community service.  The design parameters are:

Use at least one plaid and one paisley.  You can simply cut them into patches and make any block or pattern.


You can arrange any fabrics into plaid or paisley shapes.


Create the plaid or paisley with your quilting lines.

The deadline is October.  Bring your 40X40 or 40X60 top or quilt to the October meetings for a gallery walk and celebration!