Tri-City Quilters Guild
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Member's Market

The 2023 quilt show will have a new booth in 2023, the Member's Market.  If you have quilts in your storage that you would like to re-home, members can put them up on consignment at the quilt show.  You set the price and the guild takes a 25% commission.

The aggregate cost of your quilts include materials, quilting, and labor.  Don't sell yourself short when pricing your quilts.

No need to pre-register these quilts, just drop them off on Thursday, March 23rd.  The Member's Market booth will be in the main lobby vendor area.  Fill out a tag for each quilt with your name, the price, and a short description.  Each member is limited to 5 quilts.  Your proceeds will be sent to you after the show.

Note, if you have registered a quilt in the quilt show and marked it for sale, that transaction is between you and the buyer.  It is NOT processed through the Member's Market.

After the Show:  Our first Member Market did quite well.  We sold 7 of our member's quilts.  We hope to have an even bigger response at the 2024 show.