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Guild Challenge

Old movies, tuxedos, piano keys, and checkered flags.  These and many other iconic images are visually defined by the damatic contrast of black and white.  The Sewciety Girls friendship group proposed the 2022 show challenge as a striking compliment to the show theme "The Magic of Color."  Picture a corner that stands out because of its lack of color, just the way a masquerade can be simply stunning or a herd of zebras blends into a gorgeous Zentangle.  That's what Sewciety has in mind.  Because not everyone wants just a black and white quilt, we have allowed one caveat.  One color may be included as long as it is not more than 25% of the overall design.

There are just five basic rules:
1.  The item must be at least 75% black and white.
2.  One additional color is allowed (but only one).  Grey is considered a color.
3.  Any shape, any fabric, any embellishment is allowed, but all must follow the theme.
4.  Maximum circumference of 160 inches.
5.  Prints can be used but must 'read' as black, white, or your chosen color.

Clarification on choosing your color, if you desire to use one:
If we think of the color wheel as 12 hues (red, orange, yellow, chartreuse green, green, spring green, cyan, azure, blue, violet, magenta and rose), and everything else as a tint or shade of one of those, then you can incorporate tints and shades as long as the parent hue is recognizable, and only one parent hue is used.

Whether you think of yourselves as pirates or prisoners of Pantone, we are sure your creativity and talent for shape and texture will create a fascinating display - and we can't wait to see it!

Guild Challenge - 2020 Quilt Show

The challenge for the 2020 show was 'Quilts on a Diet', i.e., Skinny Quilts.  Skinny implies no more than 7" wide and up to 45" long.  Entries were collected just before the 2020 show was cancelled.  The skinny quilts have been in storage due to the cancellation of our 2020 show.

The Skinny Quilts were placed on display at the Richland Public Library and then at the White Bluffs Quilt Museum.  Thank you to all our members who participated, your entries were very creative.

The votes are in and the ribbons were awarded on 4/29/2021.  The winners are (shown left to right in the photos below):

Hand Dyed/Painted
1st - Phyllis Burnham, Butterflies are Free; 2nd - Jean Zoet, Bell Pull on Painted Silk

Traditional Piecing
1st - Karen Brun, The Garden Path; 2nd - Dee Liegey, Snowflakes

1st - James Shipley, Monster Strips; 2nd - Seth Shipley, Penguins Fishing

1st - Jerrine Gjerdevig, Granny's Garden; 2nd - Teri Crain, Gazelle

1st - Jerrine Gjerdevig, Hmmmm; 2nd - Karen Brun, Indecision

1st - Deb Snider, Stars of the Sea; 2nd - Teri Crain, Mariners Stars

1st - Jerrine Gjerdevig, Glory; 2nd - Linda Weir