2019 Quilt Show Theme Announced

The 2019 TCQG Quilt Show will celebrate everything we love about our region with the theme "Quilts Out West".  The pioneer spirit bred into the people and the land still infuses our western identify.  Let's celebrate the ideals of exploration, adventure, independence, creativity, and our appreciation of the incredible beauty all around us during this quilt show.

The theme has been divided into two categories:  "The Spirit of the Land" for quilts that honor the geography, geology, plants, and animals of our region and "The Spirit of the People" for the quilts that pay homage to our human inhabitants and their power to transform the land:  their values, art, architecture, and agriculture.


2019 Quilt Show Particulars:

Dates/Times:  Friday, March 29, 10-6; Saturday, March 30, 10-5

Location:  Three Rivers Convention Center, 7016 W. Grandridge Blvd., Kennewick, WA