Tri-City Quilters Guild
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Member Artist

Dana Pearson is our Member Artist for the 2022 show.  Dana was selected as Member Artist for the cancelled 2020 Show "Focus on the Stars."  Dana will now get to receive the acolades she deserves.  Dana is a member of the Make It Modern friendship group that created the 2020 Raffle Quilt.  She also did the exquisite quilting.

Dana has been quilting and longarming for over 15 years.  She offers both computerized and free-motion quilting.  Her preference for her personal quilting is modern or improvisational designs in bright, comtemporary fabrics.  "My customers let me work on projects I wouldn't normally choose for myself."  Recently, Dana has started a blog, where her introduction declared, "Creativity takes courage" and "Growth happens at the edge of your comfort zone."  Dana has recently started teaching longarming classes.

In 2019 when Dana was selected to be the featured artist for the 2020 show (now cancelled), she said "I feel so honored to be next year’s Member Featured Artist.  I’m excited to get to share my work with you and my aim is to inspire and encourage you all to be fearless in your quilting.  I hope you’ll join me on the journey.  Let’s go out there and learn a new technique. Try a new colorway.  Make time for hard quilts.  Make easy quilts.  Give quilts away.  Keep some quilts for you.  Make quilting mistakes and learn from them.  Then see advice above on giving quilts away.  As soon as we can, let’s take a class.  And remember to tell the person in our head to be nice to us.  Make time for quilting every day.  Celebrate quilting.  Thank you for letting me share my quilts with you at the quilt show and let’s get busy making more quilts!"