Quilting Economic$ Entry Categories

Interested in entering your quilt in the upcoming 2017 TCQG Quilt Show? Show Chair, Laurel Sutton, explains this year's entry categories: Thrifty, Spendy, or Overdue.

Quilt show theme entries call for different portions of time, talent, treasure

1. Thrifty quilts, made from scraps or swaps, will require little treasure, but maybe lots of time and talent. Kate Giever shopped for her thrifty project – at Goodwill: “You can get a LOT of fabric from a man’s XXL shirt,” she testifies.

The Make It Modern group pooled their funds for back- ground; they’re adding their own fabrics to make blocks, but the setting of them – in an asymmetrical modern style – will tax their talent.

Another collaborative project is underway at the Bee at White Blu s: from their scraps and stashes, they are creating versions of the “frugal block” they found at Quilterscache. com.

2. Spendy quilts will begin with a big infusion of cash. Maybe a kit. Maybe a special purchase of hand-dyed fabric or a new, ultra-expensive digital print. Maybe silk or satin or snazzy home dec fabric.

You may be coasting along on the kit designer’s talent; or you may be investing a sizeable amount of your own. And if you add embellishments, you’re adding value. And time (because beading or embroidering are tedious!)

3. Overdue quilts might qualify as either saves or splurges, but their common denominator is that you ran out of time. They are late!

Look to your UFO pile and resuscitate something. The classic baby quilt for the kid who is now in high school? A challenge or theme idea you had in the past that, for whatever reason, you never followed through on? It will be fun to see the ghosts on our attics and read their stories.