Mark Palmer Wins Big, Colorful At Spokane Show

TCQG member Mark Palmer takes an award at the Spokane Quilt Show

Our own Mark Palmer enjoyed a special surprise at the recent Spokane Quilt Show. 

Held each fall by the <a >Washington State Quilters</a>, the show is among the largest in Eastern Washington.

As Mark explains:

I entered three quilts in the Spokane Quilt Show. I saw the show on Friday with my sister-in-law and there weren't any awards on any of my quilts, no surprise. 

When my sister-in-law picked up my quilts for me, however, there was a beautiful 2nd place WSQ (Washington State Quilters) ribbon on myred/black/white "Kaleidoscope" quilt. My sister-in-law was blown away, to say the least. Although awards have not been posted, it is my understanding that the 2nd place was a "People's Choice" award in the machine embroidered quilts category. 

I really have to laugh, however, as the show theme was "Quilts of Many Colors" and my quilt has a total of 3 colors! Maybe if I had 4 colors it would have taken 1st?