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Merchant Mall

A bustling Merchant Mall is a highlight of the TCQG's annual Quilt Show.  

~New!  Don't miss the "Early Bird Specials" to be offered each day from 10-11am.

In 2017, visitors enjoyed these fine merchants for sewing, quilting and fiber art supplies ... and more!

Meet the Tri-Cities Quilters' Guild

Welcome to Web home for the Tri-City Quilters' Guild!

Founded in 1982, the Tri-City Quilters' Guild is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable corporation formed to promote the love of quilting through education, fellowship, and sharing quilts with selected human service organizations in the area.

These purposes are satisfied through monthly meetings, friendship groups, community service sewing days, and a variety of other events.

Friendship Groups

Joining a friendship group provides an opportunity to get to know other quilters with similar interests. Some say that their friendship group is the heart of their Guild experience!

Friendship group membership ranges from a few up to a couple dozen, although most are around ten members. Some meet weekly; some meet monthly; some meet on their own schedule.

Activities of friendship groups might include making a group quilt, challenging each other to learn something new, or just visiting over some handwork.