Member Featured Artist: Ethel Ferger

Tri-Cities Quilters' Guild members choose Ethel Ferger as 2018 Member Featured Artist

Members at the September 2017 meetings reviewed the contenders and have spoken:  Ethel Ferger has been selected 2018 Quilt Show Member Featured Artist.  

Ethel responds:

Thank you so very much for choosing me to be the Member Featured Artist for the 2018 Quilt Show. I am well aware that just about everyone in the guild is qualified to do a fantastic job as Featured Artist. I’m a huge fan of our guild. We do so much good and so many beautiful things in our community. We’ve donated 275 quilts so far this year alone. And our quilt show is always fantastic and a cultural addition to our community. I’m excited to get started on a new quilt for the show I really enjoy quilts and am so hoping to have a nice display.