TCQG 2018 Member Challenge

Express Your OCD**          **Obvious Circle Design

quilt circle

"Gang of 5" Issues Challenge For TCQG Members

The circle is certainly a persistent pattern. Across cultures, through time, it has signified totality, wholeness, perfection, the self, the infinite, eternity, timelessness, and cyclic movement. Sometimes it represents masculine power (the sun), sometimes the feminine maternal principle (the encircling waters). It has magical value as a protective agent. 

The Gang of 5 friendship group invites you to find or create a circle design and sew your own version of it. Your challenge entry must contain at least one full, round, 360-degree circle.

Circles can be appliqued (needle turned or machined or fused or raw-edge or portholes) AND/OR pieced (5-minute circles or portholes or drunkard’s paths or New York beauties or winding ways or flowering snowball or wedges) AND/OR quilted AND/OR part of the fabric print.

Your entry can assume any shape, but its circumference must be no smaller than 80” and no larger than 144”. So, for instance, if you design in a square, 20x20 is minimum, 36x36 maximum; in a circle, 26 diameter is minimum, 44 maximum ;in a rectangle, 10x30 or 13x27 would achieve the minimum, 12x60 or 15x47 maximum (lots of possible proportions will work ... the math is minimal).

The sky is the limit for fabric content, surface design, embellishment.

Register by Feb 17, turn in by Mar 10; vote at meetings Mar 18. We’ll vote anonymously and secretly (as usual) for our top 3, and the challenge team will choose an honorable mention.

We hope your heads are spinning!