"Persistence of Pattern" Categories Explained

Get inspiration for 2018 quilt show entries with these categories

Almost any quilt illustrates the persistence of pattern. All the familiar geometry of traditional blocks involves repetition, and quilters often introduce variation to spice things up.

The specifics of theme categories were introduced in the July/August newsletter. Here is some clarification, keyed to the shorter labels on your registration form.

Theme Category: Unfinished

The quilt blocks or printed patterns that persist through guilt — orphan blocks or projects that got buried in the back of a drawer or the bottom of a chest. Get them off your conscience. Finish what you started in a class....

Theme Category: Unstarted

The quilt blocks or printed patterns that persist because they’re enticing — anything on your bucket list of things to try or designs you haven’t begun because they’re too big or require too many types or colors of fabric or because you feel inadequate or alone. Enlist the company of friends: swap fabrics or blocks or create a collaborative quilt along with others.

Theme Category: Repeated

The quilt blocks or printed patterns that persist through pleasure — these are the designs so rich with possibility that you have re-created them with variations, or so easy or enjoyable to sew that you made them again. (Space requirements might mean that we hang just a photo of your first version next to your new one.)