Ethel Ferger Named Member Featured Artist

Ethel Ferger Named Member Featured Artist

2018 Member Featured Artist

Ethel Ferger has been selected 2018 Quilt Show Member Featured Artist.  

Bubbly Ethel Ferger will represent the Tri-City Quilters Guild as Member Featured Artist for the 2018 Quilt Show.  

Ethel outlines her quilting journey:

"I have been quilting all my life. It was just part of how I was raised. Cooking, cleaning, gardening, canning, sewing - clothes and quilts.

But it wasn’t until I retired from working 32 years at Battelle and joined the Tri-Cities Quilt Guild that I realized there was more to quilt making than bed quilts and baby quilts. There were friends and fun and trips and mitered corners. I became a huge fan of the Guild and am amazed at all the good work and beauty we do.

I have always held a position in the Guild and done my part, taking workshops and teaching classes or techniques, selling raffle tickets and always work at the Show.

My strength is color, love to try different color combinations, often doing the same quilt in different colors. I hand quilted. Then 10 years ago on the bus coming home from the Seattle show I ‘won the prize for spending the most money’ - I had purchased a Gammel long-arm. Never been sorry. Now my focus is trying to improve my machine quilting skills."

On learning of her election as 2018 Member Featured Artist, Ethel adds:

"Thank you so very much for choosing me to be the Member Featured Artist for the 2018 Quilt Show. I am well aware that just about everyone in the guild is qualified to do a fantastic job as Featured Artist.

I’m a huge fan of our guild. We do so much good and so many beautiful things in our community. We’ve donated 275 quilts so far this year alone. And our quilt show is always fantastic and a cultural addition to our community.

I’m excited to get started on a new quilt for the show. I really enjoy quilts and am so hoping to have a nice display."