Quilt Show Theme Selected: Quilting Economic$

The TCQG 2017 Quilt Show will be held at Three Rivers Convention Center on March 24-25; many happy merchants will also return for a celebration of “Quilting Economic$”, selected as the 2017 Quilt Show theme.

Show chair Laurel Sutton chose the theme in part to fulfill the “educational” thrust of the guild mission. “We can inform the public about how quilting and quilters influence the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services (topics studied by the science of economics).”

Theme entries will be thrifty; the emphasis on frugality goes back to the origins of our craft. Anything you make with hand-me-downs or scraps or bargains will qualify. If you’ve had a scrap quilt on your bucket list, this is your year! If you don’t have money for the variety of fabrics you want, or time to sew all the blocks, get a little help from your friends: organize a fabric swap or block swap in your small group.

Special exhibit entries, on the other hand, will be spendy. Anything you make that shows an extravagant investment of treasure or time or talent will qualify.

Have you got some very gorgeous, expensive fabric? Have you invested heavily in beads, fibers, embellishments? If you’ve been reluctant to use them, this is your year!

Have you got a long-term/intricate/heirloom project going? This is your year to finish! Do you have an idea that demands new skills or techniques? This is your year to cultivate your creativity.

One additional display category will be for “overdue bills” or past-due projects. Revel in your second chance for New Year’s Resolutions! If you missed a challengedeadline in the past, finish your cow or moose or Jamie Fingal fabric or drunkard’s path and put it in the show. If you had notions that didn’t pan out in time forthe 4-seasons theme, or The Story Starts at Home, or Quilters’ Journey, or The Fizzy Mix of Fabric & Friends, finish your piece and put it in the show.